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Mobile Networks Kabel

Mobile Networks Kabel

Kabel rund um die Errichtung von Mobilfunk-Basisstationen - das Portfolio gliedert sich in Speisekabel, hochflexible Kabel, Kabel als koaxiale Antennen und Verbindungskabel für GSM, WCDMA (UMTS), TDMA, D-AMPS, PCN, CDMA, und TETRA Mobilkommunikation, ebenso wie WiMAX and Broadcast. 

Unsere Produkte für Mobile Networks erfüllen höchste Anforderungen an Technik- und Umweltstandards und gewährleiten problemlosen Betrieb, egal wie hart die Bedingungen sein mögen. 

Die nachfolgenden Schaltflächen verbinden Sie mit unserer globalen Website (in englischer Sprache), wo Sie alle Details unseres umfangreichen Portfolios entdecken können.  

Coaxial antenna cables

RFX and RF2X coaxial antenna cables are coupled mode cables with a corrugated and milled outer conductor. RFX cables have slots in one line on the outer conductor and RF2X have slots in two lines on the outer conductor.

Feeder cables

RFA feeder cables are compatible with standard connectors and accessories while their unique two-layer jacketing – harder HDPE surface outside, softer LDPE inside – provides the best cable protection in all installation environments, without sacrificing flexibility.

Jumper cables

Jumper cables are the perfect choice for antenna line connections. Features include stable electrical performance thanks to high quality superflexible cable and a special connector head design, and a soldered inner and outer conductor guarantees excellent return loss and low intermodulation.

Super- and extraflexible cables

Superflexible RFF and extraflexible RFE cables guarantee top performance in all circumstances. The secret to their high performance – small bending radius combined with low attenuation – lies in their deep spiral corrugation construction. This ensures exceptional flexibility and crush resistance.